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The Ultimate Bridal Beauty Prep!

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

You've thought of every detail, and planned every vendor, now is the time to focus on YOU.

There are a few self care tips I would recommend to my brides before the big day to ensure that you look and feel your best!

#1 - SKIN

Make sure you do NOT experiment with new products/facials a month or closer to your date. If you don't already have a skincare regimen, try incorporating one into your daily routine 6 months to a year before your date.

My Essential Skincare Routine


1. Vitamin C Serum with 15% potency

2. Moisturizer

3. Broad Spectrum Sunscreen!!!


1. Cleanser/ Makeup Remover

2. Moisturizer

3. Retinol

** Use small amount with moisturizer 2x a week until skin adjusts, use only at night and wear sunscreen the next day!

#2 - HAIR

Think about what colour and style you want for your wedding day hair 6 months before your date. A bit of dimensional balayage or highlights make updos look more textured, and solid colours make a style look more sleek, so take a look at your inspo pictures and show your hairstylist!

Create a plan with your stylist for appointments leading up to your wedding, and make sure you pre-book your hair appointments in advance! I recommend a trim and a gloss or hydrating treatment 2-3 weeks before your wedding day.

Consider getting or renting clip-in extensions if you are wanting a down hairstyle for your wedding. Extensions are highly recommended to add fullness and length, to get that Pinterest-worthy hair! Make sure you bring your extensions to your hairstylist to make sure they match your colour perfectly, and get trimmed to look as natural as possible.

Extension Recommendations

- Emme

- Harloc


No matter what your grooming preferences are, make sure you don't forget about your brows and face. Schedule a brow shaping appointment 6 months before your date to do a test run if you've never done it before, and another 3-5 days before your wedding to ensure your brows are perfect on the big day! I would not recommend any microblading or brow lamination unless you already love those services. Your makeup artist will be able to make your brows look amazing with expert techniques.

If you are a more natural/low maintenance bride, just make sure you tweeze those rogue brow hairs the day before the wedding!

If you would like to remove facial hair, I would recommend getting your face professionally derma-planed or waxed by an esthetician 3-4 days before your wedding day.

Brow Experts

#4 - BODY

Some brides decide on getting a spray tan before their wedding, which can give you a beautiful healthy glow if it's done right! I would recommend testing out a spray tan a month before the wedding to see if its for you. If you have pale skin, opt for a light or medium shade so you still look like yourself!

If you do get a spray tan, schedule it for exactly 2 days before your wedding.

Tanning Recommendations

- Fabutan Spray tan or Airbrush (Add "Venetian" for anti-orange tone!)

**shower, exfoliate and shave before appointment

**wear loose black clothing to appointment

**apply lotion to ankles, knees, elbows before spray tan

**keep skin completely dry for 24hrs

**shower 24hrs after spray tan, use lotion afterwards

#5 - NAILS

There will be lots of photos of your ring, shoes and hands so make sure you schedule a gel mani/pedi 2-5 days before your wedding day. I recommend a neutral sheer pink, beige or white to keep the focus on you rather than your nails. Gel polish will not chip or smudge, and will last 2 weeks or until your nails grow out.


Be sure to take some time to relax and collect yourself before your day. Drink lots of water and avoid salty or fried foods.

Take a shower and blowdry your hair (with heat protectant!) so your hair is clean and 100% dry for tomorrow.

You can use a hydrating sheet mask or under eye mask to prep your skin, just make sure you don't use any exfoliating peels or harsh treatments on your skin.

Get a good sleep by keeping your room cool and dark. I love to listen to a sleep meditation before bed because my mind is always racing at night!! This is my favourite meditation on the App Insight Timer.

Good Luck on your big day!!! <3


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